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Gaming chairs (For gamers) and office chairs – a shop in Latvia

Successful sales in the Lithuanian market lead us to extend our sales to Latvia, so that gamers in Latvia could enjoy great chairs.

The surprising demand for quality chairs for an adequate price influenced the establishment of a shop in Latvia selling the same goods. The demand of delivered chairs in the Lithuanian market exceeded even our expectations. Just like the customer reviews about them. Our customer survey has shown that not even a single person is unsatisfied with his purchase. Try it yourself.

In our store has been installed:
SSL online security certificate
“Mokilizingas” services
Quick payment option through PAYSERA.LT
Payment in cash to the Venipak courier
Bank transfer option
And many additional convenience solutions

Seller and consultant

Tomas Stankunas

Draugystes str. 15N, Kaunas, Lithuania



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Draugystes 15N

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