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Festool tool shop

Festool tool and Festool tool accessories shop. Tools for amateurs and professionals. A wide Festool tool assortment that is well known in most countries and by most tool users, for its exclusive properties. Comprehensive and clear information about each product. Each request is awaited - write or call our specialists, who will help you choose a tool, that fits your needs perfectly.


Reverse osmosis shop

We offer the most optimal water purification solutions for homes, offices and companies. We pay special attention to household water treatment equipment and its latest technologies. In our range you will find water purification filters, distillation equipment, osmosis systems, devices for water disinfection, hydrogen saturation and others. Because water is life.


Distiller shop

For people who care for their health - we import great water distillers from Australia and Europe. Used for the production of healthy water. Drink high quality water without any residue and impurities.


Blenders, juicers and mills shop

Blenders (mixers) and juicers for your healthy lifestyle. Top quality products made exclusively from the finest quality parts and materials. The quietest, most effective and incredibly reliable.


Health House

We sell environmental control devices (nitrate testers, water quality meters, radiation and electromagnetic field meters), protection against electromagnetic radiation "Neitronik". Here you will find not only food supplements, equipment needed for a healthy lifestyle, such as household oil presses, but also literature on healthy eating and other lifestyle topics.


Health House

The store is intended for the foreign market, where we sell hydrogen water production devices, nitrate testers, water quality meters, radiation and electromagnetic field meters, food supplements. The goods are sent to Germany, France, Belgium, etc. EU country.


Official Zerowater water filter store

We are distributors of ZEROWATER water filters in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. If you are tired of bringing clean water home from stores in plastic bottles, this issue will be solved by high-quality US-made ZeroWater water filters. The ZeroWater filtration system combines five sophisticated technologies to provide you with great-tasting water.



We sell a functional food product made from bladder wrack - fuchsia. Bladder wrack has many preventive and curative properties. This is due to the large amount of biologically active substances in its easily absorbed form: alginates, fucoidan, macro and microelements and vitamins.

Like Tennis

Beach tennis - our passion

Sand, sun, sport - what can be better. Start playing beach tennis! Within the shop, you will find beach tennis rackets, nets, beach tennis court boundaries, outfits, accessories: balls, racket accessories, grip bands, beach tennis bags, backpacks.

Let's PLAY

Squash game inventory

A shop, dedicated to what Forbes believes to be the healthiest sport, squash - a sport that is quickly gaining popularity in Lithuania. By adding to a bigger squash inventory, outfit and other supply of goods, we have created a few functions in the system, that consist of: information about the squash game, features and news, a platform, where everyone can submit free adverts about their squash goods and e. squash goods shop.


LikeBike bicycles - not only for residents of Kaunas

LikeBike Kaunas inspired us to create a bicycle shop not only for residents of Kaunas. Within the specialized bicycle shop - known manufacturers bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories for the best prices, after-sales service. Bicycle accessories, cyclist outfits.

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