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The company, having accumulated long-term and diversified trade experience, has distinguished two main areas of activity in recent years, one of which is the sale of healthy lifestyle, leisure and sports goods.

Our team are people who live a very intensive life and speak for a healthy diet and a sporty way of life. The aspiration of our team is a beautiful and healthy person. Thus, all products offered, ranging from sports equipment to dietary supplements, are not only safe (available on the market with all the necessary permits and certificates), but also tested on a daily basis, and the assortment is based on personal experience.

We are transparent in our activities, loyal to our values, adhere to high ethical standards, we pay the greatest attention to the understanding of our clients’ needs and to the making of the right decisions.

Our goal is to provide consumers with only safe, quality and reliable products and comprehensive information about them.


Search of innovations

Constant search for new products and partners is improving our company

Installation of innovations

We are interested in new market innovations and, if possible, install them into our projects

Safety assurance

We select only reliable sources for both our supply and sales

Business strategy

Our strategy’s main objective - satisfied clients and the creation of welfare for Lithuania


We carry out our work honestly, we are responsible for our activities and we work strictly “above the table”


The company's activities are transparent both to the employees and clients

medienos apdirbimo irankiai


Company ID code: 135548616
VAT Code: LT355486113
Address: P. Višinskio str. 102-2, Kaunas LT44151, Lithuania
IBAN: LT073500010001232389
E-mail: info@drema.lt

Tomas Stankūnas



Rima Remeikienė

E-mail: rima@dineta.lt

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We are open to all suggestions - let's work together to realise new ideas